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Subscriptions are now opening to participate in the SPARKLING GREY platform pilot testing!

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SPARKLING GREY – Turning silver into gold through management strategies that effectively address an ageing and multi-generational workforce – in on track to test its resources that have been developed during the last year. The project will turn silver into gold (1) assessment tools for employers, managers and HR managers, (2) toolkits for employers and (3) toolkits for employees and (4) guide on-the-job activities for senior workers.

The assessment instruments aim to measure and diagnose the workforce characteristics and management strategies to deal with age and multigenerational workforce; the toolkits for employers and employees are designed at organizational and individual level (respectively) and comprise training programmes and materials, while the guide for age-friendly and multigenerational on-the-job activities aim to implement on-the job-daily routine different activities that foster intergenerational. The different resources cover the following main topics:

  1. Attraction and Retention of senior workers;
  2. Multigenerational teams;
  3. Knowledge transference and retention;
  4. Training/development of senior workers;
  5. Prolonging work life/preparing retirement;
  6. Non-formal intergenerational learning.

These resources are displayed in the Sparkling Grey e-learning online platform, which can be accessed here. The pilot testing is now running, and the resources are available for free and targeted to SMEs from the metal and textile sector, SMEs business owners and general managers, trainers/consultants/guidance professionals, HR managers, SMEs senior employees, experts, and policymakers.

In this context, we would like to invite all related professionals and organizations to explore the resources in the platform and to provide us with their opinion through a short questionnaire available here.

For more information about the project or if you want your company to be part of this pilot test, please contact us here or through

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