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Results from the 1st pilot-testing phase are out!

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The 1st phase of pilot-testing has started in May 2018 and ended in October 2018. During these months, at least 5 SMEs, 10 employers, managers and HR managers, 10 senior employees, 10 experts and 5 employers’ and employees’ representative organisations from each partner country were involved. These target groups have explored the Sparkling Grey tool and tested three of the five main outputs of the project – aged and multi-generational workforce and related strategies assessment tools for both organisational and individual level, turning silver into gold toolkits for employers and employees and the guide for age-friendly multi-generational (on-the-job) activities for employees.

In general, the feedback provided by the target groups involved was positive, mostly to what concerns the content of the Sparkling Grey platform. The user experience of the platform was the least positive aspect mentioned in the evaluation questionnaires; however, the partnership is already working on a solution to improve this point.

Regarding the resources to be tested, each partner country has piloted certain resources according to the topic preferences demonstrated in the desk and field-based research done at the beginning of the project (access here).

More specifically, Portuguese and French employers, managers and HR managers found that the topics related to attraction and retention of talented employees were between suitable to totally suitable, including the practical activities. In Hungary, these professionals have stated that:

“With less investment, it can be easily integrated into the company’s life and training system.”

Employers, managers and HR managers from Austria and Spain found the resources connected to prolonging work life and intergenerational environment useful and interesting, respectively.

Spanish and French workers, in turn, found that the content of attraction and retention of talented employees is useful and it allows to realise the potential and added-value of senior workers. In Portugal, workers stated that:

“The resources were easy to understand and apply”.

Employees from Hungary and Austria considered that the quality and the diversification of the resources and pedagogical tools available are between quite to very suitable.

Portuguese and French experts and representative organisations found the toolkits very relevant mostly to what concerns the topics of attraction and retention of talented employees. In Hungary, the training and development of senior workers toolkit were considered to have interesting tools and examples as well as innovative themes. The toolkit related to prolonging work life was highly rated by the Austrian experts and representative organisations. In Spain, the intergenerational environment had the following feedback:

“Any organization that wants to work on the issue of age management can benefit from the contents since they offer a broad education that covers different aspects.”

If you would like to have access to the resources above-mentioned, the process is the following:

  • Register here
  • Login in your account and explore the available resources according to your background. If you are an employer, manager, HR manager, trainer or consultant please consult the resources for the organisational level. If you are an employee, please check the materials at the individual level. To explore is best to go to the catalogue tab.
  • To access the specific resources, please click on the button available at the superior right corner and this material will be booked in your seminar room.
  • To check all your booked resources please click on the seminar room tab available on the menu. There you can monitor how many materials have you booked and completed.
  • Repeat this process as many times as you find necessary to access the materials that suit the most your needs.

If you are interested in these materials, please, reach your national partner through the contact form available here.

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