Sparkling Grey is building consensus with HR experts!


After an in-depth desk research, Sparkling Grey is now preparing a consensus building with experts on possible scenarios and strategies in what regards to the future of age-friendly management, intergenerational environments and knowledge transfer policies, practices and procedures. The questionnaire was built on the results of a previous phase of the project where based on a participatory approach, end-users of…

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Participate in the data collection surveys of Sparkling Grey


Sparkling Grey project has started its initial activities last December with an in deep research at national and international level to characterize the state of art on age-friendly and multi-generational human resources management strategies. The key research goals include the identification and review of existing literature, articles and papers, reports, framework documents, practices and other sources of information, in national contexts…

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Welcome to the Sparkling Grey project!


Sparkling Grey – Turning silver into gold through management strategies that effectively address an ageing and multi-generational workforce, is a three years’ project funded under Erasmus+ programme. The project aims to provide companies with adjusted and innovative human resources management strategies that address age and multi-generational issues while supporting career management skills specifically targeted to senior workers. Project partners’ origin…

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