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Participate in the data collection surveys of Sparkling Grey

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Sparkling Grey project has started its initial activities last December with an in deep research at national and international level to characterize the state of art on age-friendly and multi-generational human resources management strategies.

The key research goals include the identification and review of existing literature, articles and papers, reports, framework documents, practices and other sources of information, in national contexts of the partner countries but also at international level to inform the state of the art on the project theme, but with strong focus on age-friendly and multi-generational management strategies. Emphasis is to be given to academic research, policies, strategies and existing practices.

Currently the consortium is conducting a research analysis on the needs involving end-users: business owners, SME managers, Human Resources managers, senior workers, trainers, counsellors and other professionals. To do so, a set of dedicated and easy to fill in questionnaires was prepared and are available at national level.

If you want to join this research, your support and 10m to 15m of your time would be very much appreciated. Please consult the table below to find out the adequate questionnaire for you:


If you are a business owner, SME manager or Human Resources managers If you are a senior worker If you are a trainer, consultant or guidance professional
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For further information about the project please consult the partner in your country or the project coordinator at pedro.costa@inovamais.pt.