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Sparkling Grey is building consensus with HR experts!

By május 11, 2017 No Comments

After an in-depth desk research, Sparkling Grey is now preparing a consensus building with experts on possible scenarios and strategies in what regards to the future of age-friendly management, intergenerational environments and knowledge transfer policies, practices and procedures.

The questionnaire was built on the results of a previous phase of the project where based on a participatory approach, end-users of all the partners’ countries (including companies’ managers, human resources directors, senior workers, and representative organisations of employers and employees, among others) were invited to share their perceptions on the current state-of-play in SMEs of the textile and metal sectors.

Partners then gathered and analysed the inputs that those relevant stakeholders provided through interviews and surveys as well as main findings highlighted from an in-depth desk research.

Results from the literature review and field work allowed the identification of a set of factors that might play a relevant role in the future of the topics addressed by the project. These factors, considered as key drivers were used to describe different possible scenarios, i.e. future settings based on the extrapolation of existing trends. For each scenario proposed, a vision and different strategies were suggested. In this context, strategies correspond to possible actions that can lead to the chosen vision.

We will compile the results and look for common viewpoints. Following this analysis, a new and simplified questionnaire will be prepared and experts’ inputs will be requested once more. The Delphi Technique will then reach it’s end and will share the results with all the experts who kindly have taken part in this research, providing a relevant basis for the identification of guidelines to be discussed with policy makers in a subsequent phase of the Sparkling Grey project.

If you are an HR expert on these fields and would like to participate, please contact us through our website, Facebook page or email to pedro.costa@inovamais.pt