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Turning silver into gold resources!

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Sparkling Grey is on track in the development of its resources that will be tested next year. The project will turn silver into gold assessment tools for employers, managers and HR managers, toolkits for employers and employees and guide on-the-job activities for senior workers.

The assessment methods aimed to measure and diagnose the workforce characteristics and management strategies to deal with age and multigenerational workforce will cover six main topics that refer to the desk and field research carried in the beginning of the project. These topics are: 1) retention and attraction of senior workers; 2) multigenerational teams; 3) knowledge transference/retention; 4) training/development of senior workers; 5) prolonging work life/preparing retirement, and; 6) non-formal learning/intergenerational learning.

The toolkits for employers are designed at organizational level and will comprise training programmes and materials within four main topics, such as: 1) retention and attraction of senior workers; 2) multi-generational teams; 3) training/development of senior workers, and; 4) prolonging work life. At individual level, i.e. for employees, the training programmes and materials will be focused in three topics: 1) prolonging work life; 2) preparing retirement; 3) non-formal learning/intergenerational learning.

The guide for age-friendly and multigenerational on-the-job activities will be dedicated to retention and attraction of senior workers to be implemented on the job to foster both multigenerational teamwork and knowledge retention and transference.

These three resources are part of the Sparkling Grey results and they are being translated into all partners’ languages. In total, there will be assessment tools, toolkits and on-the-job guide available in 6 languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Hungarian. The pilot test of these resources will run from March to May of the next year.

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